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Creating a foundation for support after drug rehab treatment is important. Having a plan in place to deal with a possible relapse is a way to keep addicts from sliding back into substance abuse. Relapse prevention can stop a momentary lapse in judgment from becoming a complete reversal back into addiction.

Drug Treatment Centers, Mesquite is here to speak with addicts and give them quality treatment advice. Addicts can contact a qualified specialist when they call  214-414-1108. Our specialists can offer the resources needed to find proper treatment, access recovery aftercare, and more.

What is Relapse?

When a person detoxes and stops abusing drugs and/or alcohol, he or she achieves a state known as sobriety. However, with sobriety, there is always the risk for relapse. This can occur when a person begins to re-use a drug or drink alcohol again after a period of sobriety.

Because the risks for relapse are an estimated 40 to 60 percent, the focus on many rehabilitation programs is not only helping a person quit substance abuse, but also on relapse prevention. Relapse prevention is a practice that helps a person identify risk factors associated with potentially using again.

Relapse prevention should always be on the mind of a recovering addict. Fortunately, many techniques exist that can help a person successfully quit abusing drugs and/or alcohol for good.

Stages of Relapse

Relapse does not typically happen overnight. When a person in a relapse prevention program looks back on the time leading up to a relapse, he or she can often identify warning signs that led up to the relapse itself. Addiction specialists have identified three stages of relapse. They are emotional, mental and physical relapse.


An emotional relapse can be difficult to identify, one because it mimics the symptoms of post-acute withdrawal syndrome that a person experiences after the worse detoxification symptoms are over, yet a person may not feel like themselves.

An emotional relapse does not have to involve a person thinking about using a drug or drinking alcohol again. Instead, a person may start to take less care of themselves. They may stop going to 12-step meetings, refraining from exercising or eating healthy foods that can make the person feel better about themselves.


A mental relapse starts the process of thinking about using a drug again. A person may start to reminisce about “the good old days” when he or she was abusing drugs. The person will romanticize drug use, remembering the positive feelings and emotions without acknowledging the difficulties and challenges.

A person may even start planning when he or she may begin to use again. This is a concerning phase because a person is right on the edge for potentially beginning to abuse drugs or alcohol again.


Physical relapse is when a person begins to use the substance again. Addiction is a disease, and the physical cravings associated with the condition can overtake a person, causing him or her to give in and use again.

It’s important to note that physical relapse does not necessarily have to mean that a person will resume full-fledged drug abuse. Sobriety can be achieved once again.

Aftercare Program Approaches

Aftercare programs are an important part of relapse prevention. Examples of these programs include 12-step programs, individual counseling, support groups and even exercise or meditation classes. These programs help a person not only to stay well and drug-free, they also create a support system of individuals who want to see a person succeed in quitting drug and alcohol abuse for good.

Intervention after Relapse

If you or a loved one has experienced a relapse after sobriety, don’t give up. Drug Treatment Centers Merrick offers a variety of programs that can help a person get sober and engage in relapse prevention. For more information on available programs, please call  214-414-1108.

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