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An individual with a substance addiction experiences severe cravings for the substance and is unable to control their use. An addicted person may continue to use the substance in spite of the damaging consequences that may result. The idea of addiction is usually associated with drug and alcohol use: While these issues are common, a wide range of substances and activities carry some potential for addiction.

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Drug addiction is a chronic condition, and drug rehab is required to break the dependency and begin the process of recovery. Although millions of American adults battle drug addiction each year, the majority of them will not receive treatment in a drug rehab program. Substance abuse has both physical and psychological elements, and drug rehab programs are designed to treat both aspects of the disease.

Addiction Facts

Drug rehab centers offer different programs to treat a variety of addictions. Rehab centers in Mesquite and neighboring counties offer services to help address the area’s growing drug problem. In recent years, crystal meth shipped from Mexico has deluged Dallas County, creating an epidemic of drug abuse and drug-related crime.

According to a report by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, the potent stimulant is the biggest drug problem in the North Texas area. In addition to crystal meth, heroin and prescription drug abuse also pose serious problems in the region. While drug addiction is clearly an issue in Mesquite and the surrounding area, other forms of drug dependence can also cause damage.

It’s possible to become addicted to a behavior or activity, and treatment may be required for these dependencies. Compulsive gambling and eating disorders are common behavioral addictions that often occur alongside a substance addiction. Even innocuous activities like work or exercise can trigger a psychological addiction in some people.

Although drug addiction has spread throughout Mesquite and the Dallas metropolitan area, the problem is not unique to Texas. A study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) reveals that at least 23 million adults in the United States abuse either drugs or alcohol. Of those individuals, only around 10 percent will receive treatment at a rehab facility.

Recognizing the Signs of Drug Addiction

Certain behaviors and symptoms tend to go along with substance addiction. One common sign of drug addiction is increased tolerance. Individuals who regularly use a drug will find that its effectiveness decreases over time; they end up needing more of the drug in order to achieve the desired effects. They may try to cut back or stop using the drug, but attempts to quit are unsuccessful.

Another hallmark of addiction is the presence of withdrawal symptoms: Users experience intense cravings and physical discomfort when they attempt to go without the drug.

People with a drug addiction may ignore their work responsibilities or cut back on their usual social activities; they might even find themselves doing risky or dangerous things in order to get the drug. More and more of their time and energy is devoted to getting the drug and using the drug, and they may spend more money on drugs than they can afford.

Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction treatment can take place on an inpatient or outpatient basis. The right setting for a patient will depend on a number of factors. The substance of abuse and the severity of the addiction will help determine what type of treatment will best fit a patient’s needs.

While some individuals will benefit from the supervision and support of a residential facility, other people will fare well with the flexibility of an outpatient program. An intake counselor can help evaluate an individual’s situation and help them choose the best treatment setting.

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