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People suffering with addiction in Mesquite can find the most advanced drug intervention programs at Drug Rehab Centers Mesquite TX . We offer fully integrated medical and holistic treatment options for substance abuse. At Drug Rehab Centers Mesquite we take a comprehensive approach to recovery and provide customized programs that address the specific needs of each patient. Every patient receives a complete psychological and physical evaluation in order to make an accurate diagnosis. Programs at Drug Treatment Centers Mesquite are specifically designed to meet the patient’s unique challenges and to help them establish and implement personalized recovery goals. 214-414-1108

At Drug Treatment Centers Mesquite, those suffering with addiction can expect to receive the highest level of care in our state of the art facility administered by board certified addiction clinicians. Our medical and psychotherapeutic care also go beyond addiction to address any underlying mental illness or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that may have triggered the addiction is perpetuating it. This dual diagnosis treatment is an integral component of the services we provide. We also offer and encourage patients to take advantage of our medically supervised detox procedure to halt drug use. Detoxing also help to eliminate the build-up of toxins produced by habitual drug use.

The Rehab Process

Detox is an essential stage of the rehabilitation process. After it is completed, patients typically experience heightened mental clarity and physical stability. This enable them to be more fully involved in the therapeutic programs that are designed to facilitate their recovery. We provide a range of addiction intervention services that include but is not limited to…

  1. Around the clock medical monitoring and care.
  2. Targeted pharmacotherapy interventions when necessary.
  3. Ongoing assessment and evaluation throughout the treatment process.
  4. Specialized treatment programs based on the results of the patient’s physical and psychological evaluation that occurs at intake.
  5. An integration of holistic and traditional treatment modalities which are determined by relevance to the patient’s needs.
  6. Individual, group and family therapy that is designed to create a balanced and progressive growth experience for the patient.
  7. Relapse prevention education and training that is specifically designed to enable long term sobriety.
  8. Assistance with after care planning and the transitory process from rehab.

Drug rehab provide patients with opportunities to address any number of personal and interpersonal challenges that may not be dealt with in other medical settings. Our various holistic treatment processes such as acupuncture, art therapy, equine therapy, yoga, meditation and nutritional guidance are a few of the programs that help patients to establish healthy routines that patients can incorporate into their everyday lives. Also, when family members participate in educational programs and counseling sessions they are better able to support system the new behavior patterns that the person in recovery adopts when they return home. Studies also show that support from family is an important component that help the addiction to stay committed to the recovery process. These facets of recovery are all critical to sustaining long term sobriety which is the ultimate goal of our treatment center, the individual in recovery and their family and friends.
If you or a loved one is battling with addiction we can help. Call Drug Treatment Centers Mesquite today at 214-414-1108 and speak to a qualified counselor that can answer your questions and concerns about addiction treatment.

About Mesquite, TX

Mesquite is a city and suburb of Dallas, Texas. The City is rather large and has a population of around 140,000. Residents have the luxury of enjoying both the suburb lifestyle and city life because of the close proximity to Dallas. There is always something to do between the entertainment, shopping and fine dining. The city though very large takes pride in their clean living initiatives and safety measures.
For those visiting, residents recommend attending a rodeo for some excitement and to get a feel of the culture in Mesquite visit the fine arts music and theater performances. The Mesquite Arts Center is the place to go for Symphony Orchestra and bands. The Black Box Theater houses the Mesquite Community Theater and local artists performances. Other notable places to go include the Florence Ranch Homestead, Catfish Corner, Disc Golfing, Opal Lawrence Historical Park, The Rows of Texas, and The Devil’s Bowl Speedway.

The city of Mesquite however, has not escaped the heroin epidemic. Multiple heroin overdose deaths was unheard of in the suburb and officials say they have never seen rates rise like this.Cheese is a name of a heroin based recreation drug that became popular in the area among adults. The recreational drug is a mix of heroin and over the counter medication such as Tylenol PM. Despite rising drug abuse rates Mesquite has seen a decrease in crime and theft.

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